Immediacy CMS

The original Immediacy CMS solution was unleashed 10 years ago and we’re proud to say we’re still here building and developing solutions for clients using Immediacy.Three of our debonair Directors and a number of our superb staff have previously worked for Immediacy, and we can confidently say each of them were involved in almost all website and integration accomplished using the Immediacy CMS solution.
Over the years, we’ve integrated with a wealth of CRM, ERP, email and analytics systems such as Goldmine, Sugar CRM, Paypal and Mailchimp. Alongside this we integrate the usual social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. Our projects have involved manufacturing multiple integration layers, feeding data into back-end systems and displaying member-specific information on customer facing sites using specifically designed protocols. We can help with building requirements, writing functional and technical specifications and forging a path ahead with the development.
We work tirelessly to ensure all resolutions are right for you and executed within our rapid response times ensuring your site is always in top-notch condition. Our super savvy support team have years of experience supporting and developing websites and intranets using all versions of Immediacy CMS and Alterian CMC. They’ve worked with over 80% of Immediacy’s customers and supported every possible configuration of staging, live, deployment server, load balance and clustered servers. We have a tried and tested process enabling quick resolutions of all issues and queries. As soon as one of our techno wizards records an incident or query on our helpdesk it’s forwarded to the relevant boffin for response.

The support of Immediacy is coming to an end. However, we’re still here to support you for as long as you need. We’ll work with you to improve your current configuration and continue development of your bespoke plug-ins. No one wants to change the way they manage their site because the land of Immediacy and Alterian is closing.

We value partnerships